Turning Eighteen

Eighteen Bistro

51 Scout Rallos Extension, Quezon City Philippines
+63 917 595 0018
Quick Description:
A hole in the wall with a surprisingly fine menu: comfort pasta, deliciously crafted cocktails, creamy gourmet courses and sophisticated desserts. Not a wide array of main plates to choose from. But from these very few dishes, no “wrong choice” can be made as every serving is A WIN – each delightful and hefty enough. The deck of cocktails is also impressive.
Price Range:
Between P200 to P400 for main plates, and P120 to P250 for a glass of cocktail. Bottles of wine are also available, ranging from P450 to P1,500.
What We Ordered:
Tomato Cream Soup
Spicy Portobello & Cream Cheese
Mushroom Risotto
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken in Mushroom Cream
Roasted Pork Belly
The Last Dance (non-alcoholic cocktail made of strawberry, lemon and ginger ale)
Latina Lover (non-alcoholic cocktail made of cranberry, strawberry, pineapple and peaches)
He Says:
I love the texture of the Tomato Cream Soup. At first I was expecting a regular chunk of sliced tomato in it. There wasn’t but that is a good surprise. The Chicken Parmigiana has a sweet tomato base, and the crumby outer coat has a tasty hook. The place is quite small but perfectly good for dating, or for BFF hangouts, or business lunches. Best be there on off hours like late lunch. I would most recommend the place to men for an affordable fine dining experience with their lady.
She Says:
I am definitely going back. It’s a nice and cozy place for good conversations, whether it’s a simple romantic husband-and-wife date or catch-up time over cocktails with my girlfriends. My favourite is the Spicy Portobello & Cream Cheese. In love with that dish!
Strong Points:
The narrow catalogue of main courses keeps it classy. It does not have a circus menu that needs trial and error ordering to discover the select magical few. Instead it has a pretty tight rope of sure-fire offers. The only challenge is finding a good parking slot since it is located in a supposedly residential, restaurant-starred street.
Welcoming Hours:
12pm to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays / 12pm to 10pm on other days of the week





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