About BabiBoo

Lloyd and Nikka make a wacky married couple. They both love to eat, they were both born in the colourful 80s, and they are both geeks of many things.

Aside from sharing a pig-out crown, they are both artists. Lloyd is a photographer with a home studio setup. He is also a businessman and has a web-based toy shop, Toyz Attic – where he sells premium Marvel and DC toy collectibles. Nikka styles for most of Lloyd’s photo shoots. She is also a music/recording artist, producer and songwriter. During the day, she works for a television network.

The couple is both based in Manila, Philippines and California, USA. They hope to inspire LOVE and encourage FUN in others, as they share their he says/she says food adventures.

They hope that you find this page as a helpful stop for dating, hangout, business and family plans. And to remind you to enjoy all good things that life has to offer…One delicious bite at a time.

Contact us at babibooblog@gmail.com


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